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SSB is an organization that assesses the potential candidates to be commissioned as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. SSB comprises of a panel of DIPR trained Armed Forces Officers who act as assessors. These asessors are the Psychologist, Group Testing Officer and Interviewing 0fficer. The board evaluates the suitability of the candidate for becoming an officer using a standardized protocol evaluation system which constitutes of Personality & Intelligence tests and interview.

All except Army Medical Corps members must qualify in the "SSB". The interview involves a battery of psychological tests of personality to assess the suitability of a candidate for being commissioned in the Armed Forces. These tests help the SSB to select candidates with Officer Like Qualities "OLQs". Responsibility of Services Selection Board is to assess and recommend the candidates. Successful candidates are thereafter required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination and if found fit are then included in trhe overall "merit List".

Officer Like Qualities (OLQ).

The qualities "looked for" in potential candidates during the selection process includes intellect, responsibility, initiative, judgment under strain, ability to reason and organize, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision making, willingness to set an example, compassion and a feeling of loyalty towards the nation. 

Services Selection Procedure

Candidates who clear the UPSC written examination as well as Territorial Army candidates recommended by the Prilimary Interview Board (PIB) are allotted a SSB Centre to attend. Service candidates move to the allocated SSB on movement orders issued by respective Headquarters/units. 

Day of Reporting

A detailed "Call Up letter" for SSB Interview is issued to each candidate by respective Selection Centres. This call up letter can also be accessed on www.joinindianarmy.nic.in under "Officers Selection". This detailed call up letter gives out the firm date and time for candidates top report at the Railway station which is generally between 7AM and 8AM on the specified date. Each candidate is received at the Railway Station by a representative of the SSB and escorted to the SSB Centre. On arrival at the Centre, candidates are required to produce their Educational Qualification documents for verification. Post verification, candidates are allotted a "Chest Number" which would identitfy the candidate throughout the SSB process. 

Day 1, Screening test – Stage I

Post verification of documents and allotment of Chest Numbers, candidates are put throgh the Screening Test which icomprises of a verbal and non-verbal intelligence test (About 50 questions each) and a Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT). In this test, a picture, either hazy or clear, is shown to the candidate for 30 seconds.Thereafter the candidate,in the next one minute, must record the number of characters seen in the picture and in next four minutes the candidate must make a story about the picture in over seventy words. The candidate must record the mood, approximate age and gender of the first character they saw, known as the "main character". Thereafter. in stage two of the PPDT, the candidateare handed over their stories to revise, formed into groups where each candidate is required to narrate his story in under one minute. The group is then asked to create a common story involving each or their perceived picture stories under the watchful eyes of the assessors.

After the completion of the screening tests and evaluation by assessors, the unsuccessful candidates are asked to leave the SSB Centre. The successful candidates of Preliminary Tests are required to complete the Personal Information Questionnaires (PIQ) which forms the basis for the individual candidate interview.

Day 2, Psychology test – Stage II

On Day 2, a Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) or picture story writing is conducted. This test is quite similar to the PPDT Candidates are shown a clear picture for thirty seconds and they are required to write a story in the next four minutes. Twelve such pictures are shown sequentially. The last picture is a blank slide inviting the candidates to write a story of their choice. Candidates do not need to remember the number of characters in each picture and there is no group discussion at the end of the test.

Thereafter, the candidates are put through a Word Association Test(WAT). In this test, candidates are shown sixty simple everyday words in sequence. Each is shown for fifteen seconds. For each word, the candidates is required to write the first thought that comes to mind in response to the word shown.

On the same day candidate is put through another test called Situation Reaction Test(SRT) in which a booklet of 60 situations are given out and candidates are required to give out thgeir response in 30 minutes. This test is followd by a Self Description Test which consists of 5 questions relating to the candidates Parent's, Teacher's, Friend's and his/her own perception about himself/herself.

Days 3 and 4 - Group Test by GTO (Group Testing Officer) – Stage II

The third and fourth day tests are conducted by the Group Testing Officer. These are tasks which including Group Discussion; Group (military) Planning Exercises; Progressive Group Tasks; Small (half) Group Tasks; Individual Tasks (obstacles); Group Obstacle or "Snake Race"; Command Tasks;  Lecturette and a Final Group Task.

Days 2, 3 & 4, Interview by the IO (Interviewing Officer) – Stage II

On day 2, 3 or 4 along with GTO tasks, individual candidate interview is also conducted by the Interviewing Officer. It is based on the Personal Information Questionnaires filled by the candidates on day 1 and other General Knowledge.

Day 5, Final Assessment and Results(Conference)

On day five, all the Officers attired in Uniforms attend the Conference wherein each candidate has a conversation with the panel of assessors. The assessors look for confidence and expression when speaking; a positive attitude in adversity and honesty. Thereafter, the final results are announced. Successful candidates undergo an intensive medical examination which takes approx three to five days at a military hospital. The unsuccessful candidates are required to leave the Centre.

Medical Examination

Successful Candidates will undergo for the Medical Examination further for three to five days at a military hospital. If found physically fit, their names are included in the Final Merit List.

In case of any medical defect or disease, wherein the Candidates  can be cured, they are made temporarily unfit and given 40 days time for cure. IN case the desease is of a permament nature, like flat foot, knock knees etc., then the candidate is declared as `not medically fit `for the armed forces and rejected.

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT – Once in a lifetime Test)

The Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is administered to candidates who want to join the Flying Branches only of the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army or Indian Coast Guard. This test is conducted during the SSB interview. Candidates can sit the PABT only once. The PABT includes the Instrument Battery Test, a Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) and a Control Velocity Test (CVT).

More recently, the "Computerized Pilot Selection System" (CPSS) has been used. It was created by former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with the Defence Institute of Psychological Research and the Air Defence Establishment, groups within the Defence Research and Development Organization. It was developed to determine aptitude for use of intellect with respect to advanced aircraft.

CPSS machine simulates an aircraft cockpit. Video games played by the candidate on a screen in front of him are scored best of three games. It tests hand, leg, and vision and hearing coordination.

SSB Interviews Training at Flame Career Academy

Flame Career Academy through its realistic training and personality development program helps to bring the best out of a candidate and make him unconsciously competent to go through the challenges of the selection procedures at SSB. Training package that we offer is unmatched. Our focus is on guiding and training young students to nurture their potential and initiate the process of change with most advanced scientific, psychological and outdoor training. Candidates are made to undergo quality tests and Interviews with exposure on General Awareness. A numbers of practice training on Lecturettes & Group Discussions on current topics are conducted under supervision of Instructors who help to bring about a change in the self confidence & self esteem of candidates.

The Instructors are a dedicated and very experienced Team of Defence Services Officers who have been part of the Selection System in various SSBs for a long period of time. Our focus is not only on coaching but also to bring about the required transformation and confidence through scientific training methods so that students can face and conquer the challenges of the selection process while ensuring that each candidate retains his originality.

Self Preparation:

  • Know the SSB schedule like the back of your hand.
  • Maintain and Keep yourself physically fit.
  • Always Keep yourself updated with Current Affairs, Indian Politics, Indian History and latest General Knowledge.
  • Be yourself, have self confidence and hone your oratory skills.
  • Practice writing fast and legibly with time management.

At our academy, other than the formalized SSB Coaching, we make an endeavor to

  • Assess current abilities of students based on Psychology, leadership traits and other qualities (Educational & virtual Experiences).
  • Design a template around each candidate based on his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make candidate understand own capabilities and how best to exploit it.
  • Cleanse preconceived ideas and half information on SSB .
  • Hone the communication skills  and  fine tune team players attitude.
  • Assist candidates in developing attributes of social adaptability.

Course Structure

Filling in of P.I.Q. Form & Self description 03h 04h
Introduction to Officer Like Qualities 02h 06h
Intelligence Tests (Verbal & Non Verbal) 04h 10h
Introduction to PP & DT 03h 13h
Story Writing Methodology incl Practice 02h 15h
Practice Test Complete Stage- I & Debriefing of Test 04h 19h
GTO SERIES (Indoor Tests) 12h 51h
Group Discussion & Practice    
GTO SERIES (Indoor Tests) 16h 67h
Understanding methodology of conduct of GROUP OBSTACLE RACE/ SNAKE RACE and common errors by candidates    
PGT, HGT, INDL OBSTACLES, COMMAND TASK, FGT and commons errors committed by Candidates    
MISC CONCEPTS Personality development and introduction to social etiquettes (Presentations on social graces, norms & courtesies, controlling anger, positive attitude, improving dressing sense, body signs & languages etc 8h 85h
Doubt Clearing sessions, Customized Plan for improvement of each candidate based on interactive feedback to assessors. 02h 87h


Course: SSB Coaching

Duration: 14 days (Approx 6 hours per day)

 Fees   :  11,500/- + Applicable GST

Timing  :   0930 - 1600 hrs daily.( No Holidays/Sundays)

Note: Fresh Batch for SSB Interview Coaching Starts Every Sunday.

Hostel & Mess

  • Three Meals + Tea
  • Winters (Nov to March) @ Rs. 350/day
  • Summers (Apr to Oct)   @ Rs. 400/day
  • @GST will be charged extra at the applicable rate  


  • ID Proof
  • Three Passport Size Photographs.
  • Two Bed Sheets, Pillow Cover and Quilts (As Per Season), Two Pairs Outdoor Dress (White Shorts / Track Pant, White T-Shirt With Collar, White Socks and Sports Shoes).
  • Formal Dress – One